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Curly Hair


I am a Certified Curly Master Hairstylist. I hold a Devacurl master hair stylist certification as well as a REZO cut and REZO light certification. Curly service prices are set, based on the  time the service will actually take.  Once you submit your appointment request I will contact you to make sure the appointment is scheduled for the right amount of time based on your curl pattern and the length of your hair. I want to make sure you receive the the best experience, and service you deserve! 


For Curly Haircuts it is a requirement that your hair is prepared before you come in for your appointment. Your hair must be freshly washed, fully dry, down, and detangled. Refrain from using styling products that can make your hair hard or scrunchy. The better the curl the better the haircut you will get.) CLICK HERE to watch a video that will help you get ready for your curly cut.


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